What Causes Premature Aging

8 causes of premature aging2

8 Causes of Premature Aging

As we get older we begin to show signs of aging on our faces and other areas of our bodies. However, there are ways to prevent these signs of aging from ever happening. By making a few small changes in your lifestyle, you can keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Let’s look at the most common causes of premature aging:

  1. Sun damage

Ultra violet rays otherwise known as UV, whether they are from the sun, a tanning bed, or light fixtures, can be bad for your skin. UV rays dry out your skin, strips the natural oils found in your skin, and damages the collagen and elastin that keep your skin supple and healthy. When this happens, you develop brown spots and your skin looks like leather. It can also cause cancer which is not something anybody wants to deal with at any age.

  1. Pollution

Almost everywhere you go you will see pollution of some type. But did you know it can be a factor in the aging process? Some people think that pollution is only in the outside air, but that is not the case. Pollution can also be inside,  caused by perfumes, dyes, cleaning products, and more common household products such as air fresheners, laundry soap, and floor cleaner.  These pollutants react with your skin and cause dehydration and unpleasant chemical reactions.

  1. Alcohol

When you drink alcohol of any type, it draws water out of your body. That water comes from your tissue and will leave your skin dry. Alcohol also dilates the blood vessels and weakens them which are not good for your skin. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water during the day and limit your alcohol intake for healthy, younger looking skin.

  1. Drugs

Both over the counter drugs and prescription drugs can do harm to your skin and body. When taking medicine it’s best to protect your skin by increasing your water intake as well as essential oils, even though this is tough to do when you’re not feeling well. Staying hydrated and increasing Omega 3 oils and fruits and vegetables will help your skin to keep the water and oil it needs to look beautiful.

  1. Tobacco

Smoking is not good for your lungs, but it’s also not good for your skin. The carbon monoxide that is in tobacco destroys your skin structure. Smokers have to greatly increase the antioxidants to help override the poison in their body. They need as much as 10 times the antioxidants. The tell tale sign of this are wrinkles around the lips and forehead.

  1. Stress and tension

When you are stressed or have tension for whatever reason you can feel the effects in your body. It can cause rashes, wrinkles, and many other things. You need to eliminate the stress and tension in whatever way possible. Take a walk, go shopping, practice yoga, or take a bath to help relax you.

  1. Frequent weight gain or loss

If you go up and down on your weight quite often, that can cause problems with your skin. Your skin can stretch and sag due to this cycle and that can cause the tissue in your skin to become weak. When this happens on your face, you begin to notice wrinkle around your eyes, chin, and cheeks. Maintaining your weight will help prevent these wrinkles. Now imagine what on and off eye bags from lack of sleep will become as we age.

  1. Diet

When you think of diet, you may think about ways to lose weight, but that’s not the only thing you need to think about. On a regular basis, are you eating the proper foods such as fruits and vegetables? Are you taking vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin? Without the proper vitamins and minerals your skin will look tight and show signs of aging.

There are many things that cause pre-mature aging. If you eat right, take vitamins, and cover yourself when you go outside, you will have a greater chance of preventing this. Take action now so you look great for the future.

Additional note about the author: The information in this article came from my binder of aesthetic school notes and years in the beauty industry.  As an aesthetician, it’s my hope that I can help you age gracefully.

Stay beautiful!

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Imie is a Marketing & Lifestyle Coach, teaching businesses and organizations how to attract more clients and create a business and lifestyle they love. Her other passion is staying healthy so she is always looking for natural and organic alternatives.

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