Rosehip Natural Cream

Rosehip Natural Cream

Sometimes, I find a gem amongst the over-crowded beauty racks.

I’ve picked up this cream to try from Winners a while back and I was surprised how good it was.  I don’t normally buy skin care from Winners but I occasionally pick up products to try and  most times, I end up using the creams on my body or throw them away. Either they are too greasy, loaded with perfume or just doesn’t do anything on my face.

However, the Rosehip Natural Cream by Natysal has a nice subtle rose scent which is a plus.  It’s not greasy and rich enough for my dry skin, specially in winter.  I loved it so much that I run out of it after a month, and unfortunately, winners did too.  So I had to order it from Amazon.

This product is specifically good for mature skin as it is quite rich and not suitable for oil skin.

Additional info from the package:

  • Ultra Moisturizing
    Regenerates and Nourishes
    No synthetic perfumes
    No mineral oils, ethanolamine-free

I just wish I bought the Rosehip oil to try as well. But I plan on adding it when I put in my next order and will write about it here as well.

UPDATE: Nov. 2014

This time around, I bought the set (with the oil).   I used the oil in the morning and the richer cream at night for a well hydrated, moist and plump skin in the morning.  Whenever I don’t do it, my skin feels dry in the morning.   It’s the only thing I used now for the winter.

In the summer months I don’t use the cream—just a dab of the oil and I am good to go.

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Imie is a Marketing & Lifestyle Coach, teaching businesses and organizations how to attract more clients and create a business and lifestyle they love. Her other passion is staying healthy so she is always looking for natural and organic alternatives.

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