iron deficiency and food

I have always struggled with iron deficiency for as long as I remember and it  got worst after the birth of my first son in the late 80’s.  Ever since then, it’s been a roller-coaster ride, trying to keep it balanced.

Although, I’ve taken pills  and supplements, I haven’t been consistent and so the deficiency persisted.

Now that I am getting older, it has been affecting my daily activities.  I am tired and irritable.

This year, I’ve decided to do a detox called purification and required my Doctor’s permission.   She couldn’t approve it with my Anemic condition and as usual, instructed me to take iron pills and get another blood test in two weeks.

I hate iron pills and supplements. But I was given an ultimatum, either take increase my iron intake or get blood infusion as I was dangerously low in iron and hemoglobin. . There are of course a lot of iron varieties available but I found these two most effective in getting my iron level up. I am currently using the PLATINUM EASY IRON.

I’ve tried and previously loved FLORADIX. I didn’t love the taste so I mixed it with juice.



Of course it’s always good to get iron from food source.   I’ve created this chart from my research and base on what food I’d like to eat.

iron deficiency food chart

Additional reference:

Mussels as source of iron and other minerals

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