Can We Reverse The Ageing Process?

It’s inevitable!
Once you hit the 30 mark, your body starts going downhill.
The mirror is no longer friendly to you.  Your once perky boobs start to look down your feet and so are your eyelids.
Gravity?  Maybe….
All I know is this: I don’t like it.
But here’s something: aging is inevitable.  Face it gracefully.

It’s Not All Bad

I hope I am not depressing you.  But we can do something about it.  We can have the last laugh  (laugh lines and all!)
Did I tell you that I used to be an Aesthetician?  I was bored one day and decided I’d like to learn more about aesthetics and maybe, get a job making people beautiful.  After graduating and interning, I decided to work at a spa, but as luck would have it, I wasn’t doing well at it.  You see, I was anemic.  This condition made my hands cold.  Someone with cold hands is not someone you’d like touching (maybe in the summer).  Then I developed allergic reactions to the nail polish and other chemicals we used in the spa/salon.
So I left that job and went on retail—advising people on their beauty and make-up essentials.
What does it have to do with aging?
Well… I can tell you that I know a bit about face cream and what works well and such.  So I’ve always been fascinated by all the new face creams and serums that come on the market and I am always testing products.  Spending money on new creams that promise to “reverse” the aging process.
But no such luck (unless you want surgery, and even that is not a sure thing).
Here’s what I’ve been doing that works for me… and if you find a way to use it, you can dramatically improve the texture and the look of your skin.
1. Drink lots of water.  Your body is made up of 70 percent water.  So drink up.  If not, your skin shrivels.
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables and stay away as much as you can from processed food–especially sugar.  You are what you eat.
3. Avoid the 3 SINS that will accelerate your ageing process:
  • Sunbathing… I personally think the sun is good for us in moderation, but don’t fry yourself
  • Smoking.  It ages you by 10 years, especially around the mouth
  • Excessive drinking. It dries out our skin

Buying Skin Care Products & Cosmetics

First of all, if you have money and you want to buy something for yourself, here’s my little advice, take it or leave it.  Spend a little more on good quality skincare.  Good skin is the base for good looks.  And if you have some extra money, blow it on makeup to accentuate your best feature. For example, if you have a full mouth, buy the best lipstick to show it off.  If you have beautiful eyes, enhance them further.
How to choose the best skin care products
When buying products, look for the best ingredients that match your needs
The top ingredients that I look for in skincare are:
  • hyaluronic
  • Vit c
  • Ceramides
  • Peptides
The ingredients that you want and need should be listed at the first top 5 of the ingredients list. If you find any of the ingredients you want at the bottom of the ingredients list, you can be sure the potency is very minimal.
Age and skin condition matters.
As we mature, our previously supple skin starts to dry out. So stronger cream is needed.  Especially in the winter when our skin suffers dryness the most.  You might have to pile up. I use serum and cream in the winter.  And in the summer, tinted moisturizer is enough for me.
Do I need a 3 step beauty system
Washing your face is necessary to control the oil. If you have mature skin, use a creamy face wash that is less drying.  Follow it up with toner.  Most people ignore toner because they have no understanding of its function.  Toner removes further dirt residues left by the facewash and, most importantly, balances the acid mantle of the skin. When you wash your face, the facewash strips the skin off of its natural acid mantle that protects the skin. By using toner afterwards, you are naturally balancing that acid mantle.
Exfoliates and Mask
The top layer of our skin is made up of dead skin cells.  If you don’t remove them, you’ll start to feel the roughness of the skin.  So exfoliating the dead skin off is necessary to allow it to regenerate and better penetration of the skincare you put on afterwards.
Mask comes in different forms.  A moisturizing mask means exactly that. It helps you balance and retain moisture. Tightening masks help tighten the skin. Clarifying mask is for those with acne and other conditions.
We can’t reverse ageing. We can only enhance ourselves to look good and feel good about our bodies. What will keep it vibrating and full of life is how we manage ourselves internally. Because there’s only so much you can do from the outside. Topical solutions have their limits.

Author: Imie

Imie is a Marketing & Lifestyle Coach, teaching businesses and organizations how to attract more clients and create a business and lifestyle they love. Her other passion is staying healthy so she is always looking for natural and organic alternatives.

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