Be Your Own Therapist

Experience the therapeutic effect of walking 

As I go to the salon, I think of how silly it is to walk there for 20 minutes; I could instead take the car and drive.  The travel would only be 5 minutes or less by car.

But as I think about this,  I step on a bright red maple leaf that falls from the tree above me.  Looking down, I see more red leaves scattered about, forming a beautiful autumn tapestry.


Now I am thinking… I would have missed this experience had I taken the car.  And considering that I am probably going to shed a few hundred calories by walking, I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend these 20 minutes of my life.

Granted, doing this every day is not always feasible. But I think we can all agree on this: opportunities to experience something magical, such as witnessing the beauty around us, is way too good of a human experience to ignore.

Walking back home from my appointment, I realize two things: the whole therapeutic nature of walking, and how important it is for us solopreneurs to escape from our homes once in a while for a breath of fresh air.

Try it.

If my urging doesn’t convince you, maybe this quote will:

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche


Much has been said on the subject of walking in regard to its value on our health. But what about the effect it has on our productivity and clarity?

Years ago, I was working as a Director for a non-profit organization. I dealt with stressed-out executives on a daily basis. Whenever they came to see me about an “issue” that needed solving, I asked them to first go for a walk, then come back to see me afterwards. Other times, I took them for a walk myself before discussing anything stressful. This exercise proved very effective in my experience. One can gain clarity and a new perspective from walking.

Author: Imie

Imie is a Marketing & Lifestyle Coach, teaching businesses and organizations how to attract more clients and create a business and lifestyle they love. Her other passion is staying healthy so she is always looking for natural and organic alternatives.

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